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Dick-Pics from my husband Dick-Pics from my husband
My husband is also shown here, of course

Dick-Pics from my ...
Swingerpaar6 (42)


J**king off - s****ting - parroting J**king off - s****ting - parroting
Your wife is there, but you still have to j**k off. Go into the bathroom, lock the door and undress, kneel down. You belong down there, that`s your place and you`re proud of it... No more 0815 sex with the wife... Finally be a wanker and belong to me... Repeat what I tell you until the end of your audience with me.

J**king off - squi...
sexyvenushuegel (36)

Strapon in purple Strapon in purple
I can also be different, I like to be the dominant myself sometimes

Strapon in purple
SunSnow88 (47)

You get what you need You get what you need
Come and give me your ass, I want to f**k you hard. Wank your c**k, make you cum and drool my tits full of lust. Hot dirty talk

You get what you n...
ibizalady (61)


The cleaner - clean the butt hole The cleaner - clean the butt hole
The goddess rings for you, you were allowed to listen to the a**l sex in front of the door and now your services are in demand... The f**ker is still there, thank him for taking your goddess well. While you have the honor of cleaning up the f**k residue, the goddess talks to her f**ker ... You`re just lucky that YOU are allowed to be there for so many things or are allowed to eavesdrop on Saubermacher.

The cleaner - clea...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Ass smelling with doctor Anne Ass smelling with doctor Anne
The panty cure didn`t help, it wasn`t enough for the patient and the problem persisted... Now only Dr. Anne`s Pol**h, the original, can help. This Poduft provides the patient with relief between the legs.

Ass smelling with ...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Team wank Team wank
J**k off, j**k off, j**k off, j**k off... Spread your legs, stare at Anne and off you go: wank, wank, wank. More and more and more ... Just like real Anne wankers do.

Team wank
sexyvenushuegel (36)


B*****b with your wife- Listen to my voice B*****b with your wife- Listen to my voice
A wonderful mental movie for you, lean back and immerse yourself in this wonderful fantasy.

B*****b with your ...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Slaps for the wanker Slaps for the wanker
Let my dominant vein out on my house slave as I give him a j**k off order - there are then also times slaps for the j**k off sow and because he does not j**k off his dick well enough I help him and get him a down until I get what I wanted - his s***m

Slaps for the wank...
Slut-Nicole (55)

willing and on the chain willing and on the chain
i want to give myself to you completely. you can do anything with me! look how hot and wet i am! my little p***y wants more

willing and on the...
aurora-love (29)


Slave (ashtray) wanted! Slave (ashtray) wanted!
Are you ready to serve your mistress as an ashtray? Can you even manage to inhale the smoke with your c**k or are you a s********e who can bring me fun? Then watch my video right away! Applications will only be accepted after a very good video rating in my Livecam! Don`t f**k around! Make yourself useful and follow your destiny you worm! Mistress Eve

Slave (ashtray) wa...
HotEve (53)

Dominatrix Janina in corsage and high heels Dominatrix Janina in corsage and high heels
I got my hot corsage out of the closet again, put on my favorite high heels and a hot lace slip and imagined 50 men standing in front of me and all wanting to wank me. Awesome!

Dominatrix Janina ...
JaninaLove (35)


Red overknees and a horny fan of mine! Red overknees and a horny fan of mine!
Christoph has been a fan of mine for a long time. He has always wanted to have bound sex with his favorite milf. Today I fulfilled his wish. He got himself into my slopes and gave himself completely to me. After a little blow job, he felt my hot hole deeply and intimately. However, he couldn`t hold out for long. I got his juice out of his balls. Afterwards he was perfectly happy.

Red overknees and ...
MelissaDeluxe (42)


MaraLeNoir - Slave gets harnessed MaraLeNoir - Slave gets harnessed
The slave Yves is really served by our dominatrix MaraLeNoir! Friends of s***king will get their money`s worth! Let MaraLeNoir`s video really heat you up and show you how a real dominatrix serves her customers! The little Sissi gets really heated up!!!

MaraLeNoir - Slave...
Amateur-Agent (28/31)


Clamps on my breasts and c**toris Clamps on my breasts and c**toris
Look at what I`ve created. Hot clamps on the nipples and on my c**toris!!!

Clamps on my breas...
ReifeOdetta (52)


Tribute video - February 2024 Tribute video - February 2024
This month is a special one, my s********e servant. If you worship me and adore me, you know that this February is my special day of honor. So here is your opportunity to do the least you can for your goddess and pay tribute. Of course, use this video as food for thought to ask yourself if you`ve done enough for me this month - if you`ve managed to follow my instructions, fulfill my wishes and make me happy. It`s not too late, bastard! So if you haven`t done enough, do it now! tribute video, worship, worship, mistress, femdom, dominatrix, dominant, POV, fetish, education

Tribute video - Fe...
Mary_Jane (40)


Alpha envy - you are not worthy of sex! Alpha envy - you are not worthy of sex!
I wear lingerie, but of course not for you, Beta! I will still have sex today, because I deserve satisfaction and a fulfilling sex life, unlike you. I can and will f**k as often as I want, you on the other hand will continue to sit in front of your PC and j**k off, because that`s the only thing you deserve, j**king off! Sex is for alpha couples, you are simply not worthy of sex. It`s enough of an honor for you to admire me in lingerie and let me humiliate you, so understand that even fantasies of sex are embarrassing and pointless for you! It`s okay to be jealous, but it has to sink into your brain that you`re a pitiful loser and no woman wants you, or are you too stupid for that yourself? My joke, your humiliation, that`s your new satisfaction from now on and nothing else.

Alpha envy - you a...
Anni_NextDoor (31)


Boahr I can`t stand your pathetic begging anymore ... kneel naked and s********e with your balls tied in front of me you loser ... The goddess is trying out a few things on your disgusting body today ...

CandySuck (35)


You belong to me You belong to me
You need me every day, you think of me, j**k off for me and swallow for me... These desires become more and more every day... You adore everything about me, you can no longer do without me... You belong to me.

You belong to me
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Latex fetish? ;) Latex fetish? ;)
Hey you! Wanna be my slave? ;)

Latex fetish? ;)
JessieNolan (30)


The hot wax treatment in the morning The hot wax treatment in the morning
Today I have a very special slave here. He loves hot wax games more than anything. It wasn`t just my hot outfit that turned him on. When I started the wax treatment, his c**k was like a rocket. The more wax I put on him, the hornier he got. I`ve never experienced anything like it. But see for yourself what else he got apart from the wax!

The hot wax treatm...
MelissaDeluxe (42)


Special Treatment Special Treatment
Well you, would you like some special treatment?? for my slave definitely. I don`t think he expected that... he`s already well prepared on the stretching bench so that I can get started right away... and can happily put a dilator in his little c**k and really spoil him with it... but at the same time It doesn`t stop there, I also take good care of his balls, which I think are literally crying out to be beaten... but I`m definitely not going to go into too much detail.. if you want to see the video, take a look at it . You little slave pig, I can only tell you one thing, the paddle and electricity are definitely a must here today.

Special Treatment
MaraLeNoir (47)

Need something hard! Need something hard!
I like it when you spoil me with the ???? and then take Ran, I need a bunny who also loves to pop! ????

Need something har...
SweetLolita (28)

The first time in an SM location The first time in an SM location
Excited, we went into the studio. Nervous at first, but then got hornier and hornier. I`ve uploaded a few photos for you. Do you want more? Then just write to me, I have a few more :-) Many thanks to Mike for the great photos and the dessert afterwards if you know what I mean *slobber*

The first time in ...
SweetSunnie (37)


dominantly p**sed on his c**k dominantly p**sed on his c**k
slightly dominant I stand naked over his c**k and p**s on him and the horny pig then licks my dripping cleft clean - that`s how it should be ... .

dominantly p**sed ...
Slut-Nicole (55)

dominatrix boots on loan dominatrix boots on loan
I borrowed some cool red boots from my girlfriend and used them to break balloons.

dominatrix boots o...
Tammara-Dominant (37)


Your D E V O T E S b***h! Your S A F T is mine! Your D E V O T E S b***h! Your S A F T is mine!
Every now and then I like to be totally s********e. A little role play is just the thing today. I dutifully do what my master asks of me. I suck his c**k deep, give him a really hot ride and get all his s***m. My outfit alone turns him on so much that it doesn`t take him long to s****t his s***m. As a little s********e b***h, I just know what I have to do.

Your D E V O T E S...
MelissaDeluxe (42)


Wanking instructions with Miss Lunatic Wanking instructions with Miss Lunatic
The hot Miss Lunatic is now fully at the start! Here is a horny wanking instruction for you! Use her hot teeny body as a wanking template!!! So drop your pants and j**k off properly with her!

Wanking instructio...
Amateur-Agent (28/31)


MaraLeNoir - Slave in the gyn chair MaraLeNoir - Slave in the gyn chair
The slave Yves is really served by our dominatrix MaraLeNoir! He likes it when Mara colors his bare balls red"... The dilator is also used, she smears it with lubricant, finally it is so sticky that she can insert it into the slave`s urethra. How he loves it and moans, he knows how he should behave as Sissi... When Mara had finished with the dilator, she clawed at the hot red testicles again! How the little worm twitches with lust... Do you also want to be served by Mara? Write to us!!!

MaraLeNoir - Slave...
Amateur-Agent (28/31)

Horny dirty slut Horny dirty slut
I love it so much to be used deep in the mouth and then to be taken a**lly, preferably when I`m wearing handcuffs

Horny dirty slut
SexyBlondine32 (33)

Penal trestle Penal trestle
Do you want to see my horny wet p***y on the punishment buck

Penal trestle
Jungd***t08 (44)


Mysterious Turk 1 Mysterious Turk 1
Turkish Derya drinks her beer and smokes her cigarette with relish, after a few sips of beer I spread my legs for you and show you my greedy freshly s***ed p***y

Mysterious Turk 1
turkishderya (41)


Embarrassing wanking for the virgin Embarrassing wanking for the virgin
You can`t manage to j**k off properly because your thing isn`t big enough. But I`m kind enough to let you rub your dick in front of me. But now I actually remember that you`re still a virgin and have never f**ked before. That`s pretty embarrassing but also kind of funny, because most men your age have already had sex. So be thankful that I let you j**k off and amuse me that you`re still a virgin. #humiliation #wankinstruction #wankinstruction #humiliation #laughing #loser #mistress #femdom #domina #dominant #fetish #pov

Embarrassing wanki...
Mary_Jane (40)

Mistresses boots you understand Mistresses boots you understand
If you kneel in front of me then you will enjoy licking and sucking my heels slave

Mistresses boots y...
cora-love (57)

Sexy und gewagt, schmutzig und stark b**m ! Sexy und gewagt, schmutzig und stark b**m !
This gallery contains media from the categories Dominance, Amateur, Fetish, Tattoos, Dirty Talk.

Sexy und gewagt, s...
TeriSweet (20)

sometimes I can`t decide which I like better sometimes I can`t decide which I like better
I often can`t decide whether I like patent or leather better... what do you like?

sometimes I can`t ...
Sexy-Viktoria (52)

Livecam of the moment


25 Years
Hi, I`m Juliana, I`m looking for sex, casual or steady, depending on what comes up, but we`ll see ;)

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